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About DMP

Leaders in Development, Project Management and Procurement throughout New Zealand.
Our mission is to provide clients with an industry leading service to ensure they achieve their commercial goals.

DMP is a New Zealand owned and operated consultancy offering a wide range of services within the property development and construction industry throughout New Zealand. These services include development management, project management, construction management and cost-effective procurement of materials through an established international supply chain network. Our team have a wealth of experience in these fields with backgrounds in engineering, project management, property development and construction. Apart from building expertise, a successful project needs a great team of people working together with clarity, vision, enthusiasm, creativity and innovation. We are extremely passionate about providing our clients with an industry-leading service to help them achieve success.


DMP have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of property development in the New Zealand market. We provide a range of development services to our clients with a strong focus on minimising risk and maximising profit. We can assist clients with developments of all sizes and have the ability to completely manage every aspect of their development or simply assist in areas that they need help with. We have a proven track record of reducing costs and increasing our clients profits through intelligent value engineering early-on in the design stage of developments.


DMP provides a wide range of project and construction management services to our clients. Our team and key partners have extensive experience managing both private and public projects across all sectors of the construction industry. We can fully manage your construction project from an idea through to completion. Our staff bring valuable insight to a project that enables us to effectively manage and lead the project team to ensure successful outcomes. Our extreme attention to detail ensures nothing goes un-checked resulting in less surprises so projects remain within budget and timeline.


DMP can assist our clients in the procurement of materials through our established international supply-chain network. This results in significant cost savings to our clients, increases their profit margin. We have extensive experience importing fabricated structural steel from China using an industry leading procurement model with a strong focus on quality assurance. We have formed strong partnerships with our overseas suppliers, 3rd party quality assurance consultants, logistics providers and local engineers to ensure our clients are receiving high quality steel that is fully compliant with New Zealand standards.

Suresh Nagaiya
Suresh Nagaiya
Senior Executive

Suresh Nagaiya

Suresh has been involved in many aspects of the construction industry over the past 30+ years. He is a senior executive with a proven track record of comprehensive project management, commercial advice, managing businesses and engineering design, including founding N-Compass Ltd., and growing it to its current trusted position in the market place. Suresh has built his reputation on being able to enhance the traditional project management function of ensuring cost, quality and timeline by having a singular focus on being the client’s representative and achieving their commercial goals. He has a talent for value engineering a project to reduce costs and significantly increase the client's profit. Suresh has performed (and regularly performs) the role of the Engineer to the Contract on numerous public and private sector projects and performs many other business related roles on projects.

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